Parth Pareek

Hi, I'm Parth! 👋

Welcome to my home on the internet

💙 I like product management and growth marketing.

🚀 Building Loopin, a calendar workspace for teams to manage their day and work better together.

☀️ Learning and practicing mindfulness. Managing attention is an extremely valuable skill; and mindfulness is a very powerful tool to be productive and have a happy life.

💪 My superpowers include smiling in the most difficult situations and getting stuff done!

💼 Former work:
Product Management at Samsung
Growth at Framebench (acquired by Freshworks)
Management Consulting at ZS Associates

🎓 Proud alum:
BITS Pilani (India)
Columbia University

In my free time, I like to:
📚 Read about product management, growth, and startups
🧗 Hike, run, or work out
☕️ Explore local coffee shops