Are You Happy At Work?

Jun 28, 2021

We spend over a third of our time at work. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to be more productive - more efficient with how they spend their time at work. Previously, I wrote an essay about the evolution of my productivity system.

Primer —

Emails/Slack: things that others want me to work on

ToDo list: things that I want to work on

Calendar: things I actually work on

In this essay, I review how these tools impact workplace dynamics and in turn, your happiness at work. Alright, let’s go…

1) Clear alignment on role and responsibilities. Team is in sync with your tasks.


No time to execute.


- Is there too much stuff on your plate? —> Automate or Delegate

- Are you focussing on wrong tasks? —> Work with the team/manager to gain alignment

Bonus Tip: Reduce distraction by publishing a version of your to-do list so the team doesn’t bug you with messages

2) Spending time on checking off you to-do list. Good at managing time.


Team is not aligned with your tasks.


Work with the team to clarify your role and how you plan to spend time.

3) Most time spent working on things others want you to do.


Team disconnected from what you believe you should be doing. Too much of this, and you will soon resent your work.


- Reduce distraction. Limit time spent on answering emails/messages to focus on your to-do list.

- Defend your priorities (Say no!)

4) Team is aligned with what you should be doing. Strong time management for deep focussed work.

Simply put, work nirvana! 🧘