Finding Your Happy Place

Jun 29, 2021

Right before the study break for our 12th grade national tests (kinda like the SATs), one of my teachers handed a blank sheet of paper to the entire class and asked us create a list of 10 things that made us happy. Confused — we had no idea why she had asked us to do that. Clueless about her intention, we started jotting things down.

After we were done, she said “Now keep this list next to your study table.” She went on, “There will come times when you don’t feel like studying or feel low or angry after that not-so-great test. Pull this up then and pick an activity to do!”

The idea of this “happy list” coming in handy for a pick-me-up was unfathomable to the naive 17 year old me.

Here I am several years later - talking about my happy list. Why? I’ve come to realize this is one of the most powerful tools to switch my mood, get back in flow, and turn around what could be a shitty day.

The 10 things that make me happy:

🎶 Music. I have a dedicated playlist songs to pump me up

🧘 Meditation

🏃 Going out for a run

📞 Talking to friends/family

🏞️ A walk in the park with my wife

☕ A cup of tea or coffee

🍦 Good food (and ice cream)

🐶 Dog pictures on Instagram (until I become a dog pawrent myself)

🪟 Watching outside a random window

💬 Comics (Catana, Dilbert, and more…)

Would love to learn more about your rituals. What makes you happy?