Take Charge Of Your Time

Jun 26, 2021

Take charge of your time. If you don't someone else will! Time is your most precious asset. Time is the only asset distributed equally to everyone. And how you utilize the 24 hours defines you as an individual.

Not having a plan for the day, gives other people (or things) a chance to get in the way and control it for you.

Here's my mental model on valuing time:

1. Time as Ledger 📅

Tasks are infinite, time is not.

  • Block time on your calendar for tasks that matter

  • Prioritize. The opportunity cost of doing a task, is time taken away from another

  • Categorize the tasks (meetings, project work, chores, hobbies, et al)

  • Analyze at regular cadence to see how this aligns with your priorities

2. Time as Money 💰

Money grows, time doesn’t. The best thing you can do is reclaim time.

  • Attribute $$$ value to your time (annual pay divided by 2080 or weekly pay divided by 40)

  • Automate or delegate low ROI tasks (perceived value of outcome << time spent)

Example: If your time is worth $40/hr, an investment in a $400 Roomba will breakeven at 10 hours of cleaning. Assuming an average Roomba life of 3 years, it can easily save you over 200 hours!

3. Time as Energy 🔋

Tasks require brainwidth (or mental energy), which is limited.

  • Segregate tasks into energy giving vs. draining. Minimize tasks that don't spark joy

  • Bonus: account for additional time to rejuvenate after energy draining tasks

Example: If that 15 min call distracted you from getting back in the flow for another 30 mins... it really was a 45min call!