Things I Wish I Learnt In School

Jul 3, 2021

As I grow old, I’ve had to learn several things the hard way. Simple things, but yet difficult to incorporate in daily life.

This essay is a reflection on few such things I wish I had learnt in school.👇

Healthy lifestyle

The importance of eating healthy, exercising regularly, and taking care of one’s mental health.

Time management

Better time management skills that go beyond answering as many questions correctly in the limited duration of an examination.

Handling finances

Basics of good financial practices - how much to save vs. spend, investments, retirement savings, et al, for a healthy financial future.

Positive intent

In an event of conflict with someone, we are wired to assume negative intent. However, assuming positive intent by default helps rationalize the incident and understand their perspective.


Writing, drawing, coding, Tiktok videos or any form of content. 99% people are just content consumers. Creating something, anything… must be directed toward ones own self. Something that sparks joy in your life.

What do you wish you had learnt in school? Hit me up on Twitter to tell me about it.