Unconventional Productivity

Jul 12, 2021

An average human spends about 90,000 hrs at work. It comes with no surprise that we all aspire to be more productive. This has led me to scour the internet for hours, reading articles and blogs posts about productivity. Oh, the irony!

Along the way, I have come across some unconventional ways people have built their productivity systems.

Here’s a list of top 5:

🎯 10x goal setting

Instead of focussing on the end result you want to achieve, let’s say $100K ARR - start with first $10. Once you achieve it, 10X that - $100, then $1000, and so on…

🌻 Good old days

In high school, I missed my middle school days. In college, I missed my high school days. In short, life was always good in the good old days.

When you’re worried about your present situation, tap into the future and look back at the good old days you’re currently living.

📅 Quarterly planning for your day

Instead of feeling that you’ve blown away the entire day and promising you’ll get back on track tomorrow, break your day into quarters and course correct as needed. Had a huge meal when you were planning to control your diet? No problem, cut down on the next one.

🤑 Pay yourself to be productive

Bribe yourself to do things you wouldn’t otherwise. For example, reward yourself $10 for every day you workout. Use it towards guilt-free shopping.

✅ Mark as done, before it actually is

Check off items from your to-do list before they’re done. Knowing that that’s not true (and you can’t lie to yourself), you’ll be forced to complete it soon enough.

😅 BONUS: Bio alarm to wake up

Have plenty (but just enough) water before sleeping to force yourself out of bed when nature calls.

Know any other quirky ways to get things done? Hit me up on Twitter to tell me about it.